Goodyear India supplies tyres to many of the leading Original Equipment Manufacturers. Goodyear India has also been a pioneer in introducing tubeless radial tyres in this segment.
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Whether you are looking for motor cycle oils, car engine oils, heavy duty diesel engine oils or industrial lubricants, Mobil oil can be trusted to keep everything running smoothly.
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GLYSANTIN® by BASF is Europe’s No. 1 coolant, and delivers three-fold protection against corrosion, overheating and frost.

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Raka Oil Company

Why Choose Us

We are maily focus on :

  • >  Minimising equipment downtime

  • >  Extended equipment life

  • >  Safety / health environment

Raka Oil Co. has distributed the premium range of synthetic and mineral oil- based Mobil oils and lubricants since 2007 with operations spanning across the territories of Pune, Satara, Kolhapur, Solapur and Goa. By partnering with ROC, you're working with a reputable and successful Mobil lubricant distributor to ensure your requirements are met, whether you are looking for premium synthetic or high-quality mineral oil products. Raka Oil Co. offers versatility complete technical support when it comes to providing you with the best product for your application.

Best Value Added Services
Dedicated technical support
Assured delivery / product integrity

Why ?

The Mobil oil and lubricant family is known for performance, innovation and expertise all over the world. As a leader in advanced technology, Mobil products are trusted and respected for both private and business needs. With Mobil 1, the World’s Leading Synthetic Motor Oil brand, plus 90 years of trusted performance for heavy duty equipment and over a century of innovation in lubrication technology for industrial machinery, the choice is simple when it comes to deciding which oil or lubricant is right for you. Mobil - Many drivers. One oil.Our full-synthetic 5W-30 oils are developed from the ground up to serve today’s most advanced heavy-duty diesel engines, while reducing emissions and boosting fuel efficiency.

We Believe


Mobil™ produces lubricants that are efficient and durable enough to considerably reduce scheduled maintenance and oil changes. This leads to less equipment handling for the team.


Good lubricants allow you to extend the life cycle of your equipment and reduce friction between mechanical parts, thus limiting waste and harmful emissions.


Mobil™ research aims to optimize your production. High performance lubricants streamline maintenance (frequency, time and maintenance costs).