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Power Solutions

LB Series

Delivering power when you need it the most!

Power Solutions

LB-XL Series

Flexible Power Solutions-Line Interactive UPS for long backup time

Power Solutions

LD-T Series

Power Solutions that empower and protect your business

Power Solutions

LD Series

Power Solutions for Better Productivity – Saves your data, protect your Hardware & critical applications

Luminous - Widest Range Of Power Back-up Solutions!


How to Buy Home UPS & Inverter?

This section will guide you on everything you need to
buy the best UPS and Inverters for home and commercial use.
  • 01 India's no.1 Company

    Need help in choosing the perfect Inverter & UPS for your home? Look no further than Luminous, India's no.1 Home Inverters & UPS company.

  • 02 Trusted Brand

    You may feel confused while going through the comprehensive list of available inverter ratings. Luminous is one of trusted company.

  • 03 Advance Technology

    Before you choose the best power inverter, analyze the power requirement of your home.

How to Buy High Capacity UPS & Inverter?

Need help choosing the perfect Inverter which can run everything at your home or office? Look no further than Luminous, India's no.1 Inverters & UPS company! This section will guide you on everything to do with High capacity Inverters. Luminous offers high capacity power inverters with a broad range of different capacity variants (2KVA to 12.5 KVA) that can run everything from air conditioners at homes and restaurants to washing machines at home.

How to Buy Online & Live Interactive UPS?

Luminous UPS range is loaded with state of art features that deliver continuous power supply and protect computer and peripherals from power surges, drop in line voltage, brownouts, blackouts and other critical hazards. They also protect mission critical applications and equipment from downtime, data loss, corruption and power outages that hamper productivity and cripple equipment. Our UPS range are equipped with Automatic Voltage regulator, Smart Charge and Intelligent Continuous Charging Technology ensuring longer battery life & faster charging.

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