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Luminous is the market leader for providing Inverter battery for home, that currently serves more than 11 million families. Luminous inverter batteries for home are optimally designed for long & frequent power cuts. If you want to run electric devices and home appliances during long power cuts, Luminous inverter battery for home use is a perfect choice. We offer the most extensive portfolio of Inverter batteries for home. This section will help you choose the best battery for inverter to suits your unique needs. Need help in choosing the perfect Inverter & UPS for your home? Look no further than Luminous, India's no.1 Home Inverters & UPS company! This section will guide you on everything to do with Inverters & UPS. Luminous offers widest range of Solar Panels supported by Pan India service network. This section will help you in choosing the right solar panels suitable for your needs .

Luminous is a powerful and trusted brand in wide range high capacity inverter and
power backup systems and solar products

What is a Solar Panel System ?

Solar photo -voltaic Module/Solar Panels Solar modules/Solar panels are the main component of the entire solar power system. They are made up of silicon semiconductor and designed to generate electricity when exposed to sunlight. There are different models/varieties available which totally depends upon the requirement of the user, location of the site and type of the roof.

Inverter/DC-AC Converter Truth: Solar Inverter is a very important equipment as it converts DC (direct current) generated by Solar panels in to AC (Alternating current) in order to run the household equipment. Solar Inverters are like our normal inverters which we use in our home with some extra features like excess power feeding in grid technology or zero export feature

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